Two Weeks in France: A Digital Story

Here’s a video about my two week exchange trip to France in the spring semester of my junior year in high school. I created this for the Becoming Globally Engaged class as a digital story about an international experience I have had. Other than that, the video speaks for itself.

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks in France: A Digital Story

  1. I really liked your digital story and I’m very jealous of your trip. I am learning spanish and have been considering living with a host family for at least a portion of my stay and I think this video makes some good points about the benefits of living with locals. I agree it is important to become immersed in the culture you are visiting and it looks like you did a great job of that.

  2. I loved your digital story! I also traveled to France this summer, but since I was with my family, I think I was more in my comfort zone. I admire your fearlessness in throwing yourself into a new language and culture–it looks like you had a lot of fun!

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