It’s a real shame to finally be leaving South Korea. As cheesy as it sounds, I made so many wonderful friends in this country and I grew a lot as a person. Although I attended some fascinating classes about international affairs and Korean culture, most of the growing  and learning I did happened outside the […]

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School Festivals


There is an interesting phenomenon at Korean universities that is made possible by Korea’s strikingly different attitude towards alcohol in comparison to the U.S. During the spring semester, Korean universities hold school-wide festivals. These festivals include games, music and dance school club performances, and musical performances by famous artists. International students set up booths and […]

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Korean Cafes


I think I have mentioned this briefly in a previous post, but I love Korean cafe culture. Korea is full of cafes, some chains and others local. There are so many cafes surrounding my campus I would have to spend months going to a different cafe every day to visit them all. Even then, it […]

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Flower Power


Just like Koreans have 단풍놀이 (dan-poong nor-i) or going on an excursion to see and take pictures with the colorful autumn leaves in the fall, they also have 꽃놀이 (kkot nor-i or flower play) in the spring. As the flowers begin to bloom, couples, friends, and families venture out to the best spots to see […]

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The spring semester has finally started in Daegu! The weather is warming up, trees are just starting to sprout buds and I am excited for the quickly approaching cherry blossom season. In January, however, it was much colder so I hopped on a plane to Taiwan where the weather is much warmer all year round. […]

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Things Korea has figured out

In my last blog post, I talked about some Korean things that weren’t my favorite. This time, I am going to talk about Korea in a much more positive light. You may have already heard about some of the things South Korea does well. They have the fastest internet in the world (although not in […]

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